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Online Policy

This web site is provided as a free service to present useful information for interested parties. The informationis general in nature, may not be complete, and may not apply or be suitable in all situations or for every user. While we strive to present accurate, reliable and up-to-date information, we make no warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the information provided, including developments after posting.

Tax law in particular can be very complex and have differing applications depending on each individual's circumstances, and even from case to case for same individual. You should always consult with a tax advisor, accountant or legal represenative who thoroghly familiar with your particular situation before deciding how to use information you gather, whether from us or any other source, and confirm the accuracy of the information with its original source.

This site contains references and links to other web sites on the internet as a service and convenience to you. You must use your best judgement and discretion in using any sites linked, and before relying on or purchasing from any web site, including products, services, information, and advise that may be offered. By providing a link, we do not endorse, recommend, or warranty the other provider or site content.

We do not accept responsiblilty or liability for any damages or losses that may occur as a result of using this or any other web site (including those to which we may refer or provide a link), including but not limited to: a) relying on information, advice or other content provided; b) purchasing products or services offered in any web site or by any vendor; or c) accessing or downloading virus-infected or otherwise damaging files from any web site or other media. By proceeding to use this or any other web site, including those to which we may refer or provide a link, you expressly waive any and all potential claims against our firm and employees arising out of use and/or reliance on the content or link provided.